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Choosing the venue for your wedding breakfast presents a long list of options, ranging from a stately home or castle to your local village pub.

Without saying, we know you would like your wedding venue to offer the most magical, exciting and memorable day for both you and your guests? The skill is turning that dream into a reality.

One of the key moments in any wedding is the wedding breakfast which can sometimes last up to three hours. This is the time when almost every bride and groom should be looking for something unique to keep their wedding buzz alive and keep their guests entertained.

Whether on a small or grand scale, traditional or contemporary, wedding or Civil Partnership we will build on or around any existing themes you may or may not already have planned for your wedding. We can add that extra personal touch to your wedding breakfast making your day even more memorable, unique and special.

How does it work?

Already you will be thinking about your wedding and will be tailoring it to reflect your personality and your unique and individual style. Table tasks will help you achieve a Wedding Breakfast that will surpass anything you have ever dreamed of.

Sometimes when devising a seating plan it can be difficult to know where to start. With our professional experience and friendly service, table tasks will ensure each guest is looked after and we will take away any stress or anxiety you may feel about your plan. Working from this plan we will work out how the conversations will flow, leaving you with only the fun and exciting elements of planning the rest of your wedding.

In between each course of your wedding breakfast each of your guests are carefully instructed by their table leader to open their individual envelope. Inside they will find their task card with a bespoke ice breaker task on for them to complete. The tasks can vary from being simple recollections of memories to all singing all dancing up on their feet show off tasks. Each of the tasks will be bespoke to each of your individual guests and will be tailored to their unique personality. They are easy, fun and exciting and are a fantastic way of getting your guests interacting, laughing and talking. This ensures your guests create long lasting memories of your Wedding.

Around two weeks before your wedding we work from your final table plan and get to know a little more about your invited guests and discuss how big or small you would like their tasks to be. We then set to work to complete your bespoke written tailored tasks ensuring that your guests young and old will be talking about your Wedding Breakfast Entertainment for month’s even years after.

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