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It should be the bride wearing the dress, not the dress wearing the bride

For the bride looking for a wedding dress that she has specific ideas in design, shape, fabric and style, the skilled professional wedding dress designer must be the first port of call.

A bride's choice to have an individually designed dress will have all the hallmarks of her personality, figure shaping, height and colouring. Before the designing begins, she will be guided by the best fabric to suit the flow of the design and the amount of lace or decoration that the fabric must support. Some brides may choose the bespoke route because they want fabric from perhaps a mother's gown or grandmother's gown, to be added in, making it a very special and personal design.

Allow plenty of time if you are choosing to design your wedding dress, as your dressmaker will want lots of time spent with you looking at fabric sample choices, and trimmings. These consultations begin with the exact measuring, and to outline the initial design drawings, suggesting the style, buttoning, lace and whether the bride will wear a train or simple headdress.


Bespoke Bridal Dresses
Bespoke Wedding Dresses
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Couture Wedding Dresses