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Wedding umbrellas aren't just for keeping off the rain, although with the British climate, that's more likely to be the reason. With the huge amount of planning that goes into your big day, it's unlikely you'll think that a downpour or shower could dampen any part of your celebrations. Best be prepared for any eventuality though, and while you are, you can turn an umbrella into a well-planned idea or accessory.

If you're marrying in a hot sunny climate, a wedding parasol can be your life-saver for keeping the heat off your face and spoiling your carefully applied make-up.

As a wedding accessory, wedding umbrellas for the bride and groom, or wedding parasols for the bridesmaids, come in an endless array of colours, frilly or plain, large and small and can even be embossed with the names of the bride and groom and wedding date.

From a purely practical point, if you know rain is forecast, buy a dozen clear plastic umbrellas that allow you to see and be seen. These are inexpensive and can be given to the lady guests in the party who are dressed in their finery too. If you are unlucky with the weather during your outdoor photographs, everyone can still be visible through the clear plastic, then after the event guests can take them home with them.

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