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Find Video Diary ideas for your wedding

Video diary rooms are the perfect way for a wedding guest to record a spoken message for you. These can be stored for you by the professional to be viewed later, or displayed on screen throughout the day, even posted online for guests unable to attend to watch.

Perhaps the simplest video diary of the events at your wedding is through lots of posts through social media. You and your guests can take a video snippet, send messages of thanks and share the love you and they feel with all the other guests of the day.

But a word of caution - with the speed and easy access of social media, inform any guests who attend you before the wedding, not to inadvertently post any images or details that might spoil the surprise for your soon-to-be wedded partner. It's easily done in all the excitement, to post something that gives away little details of who's wearing what, or how the bride or groom is feeling.


Social Media Wedding Messages
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