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It takes months to plan the perfect wedding and it’s all over in just a few hours. Time quite literally flies when you’re enjoying yourselves, and many couples wish with all their heart they could relive their wedding day again, and again. Happily, through the lens of a video camera and the technical eye of a professional videographer, they can.

There’s a world of difference between a professionally made video of broadcast quality and a video recording made by your friendly, ever-so-willing pal; even if your pal, come volunteer, is using a digital camera. Both will bring enormous pleasure, but in entirely different ways. Your pal’s version is bound to be full of laughs with unedited moments of complete joy and fun. The professional video is a wholly different package and shouldn’t be compared with amateur filming. Amateur videos certainly shouldn’t replace a professional recording and never chosen purely to save money.

When created digitally and skilfully edited, a professional wedding video will be fully in focus, steady, polished and coherent and be devoid of long stretches, containing very little in the way of action or word. Professional videos will be crammed with hundreds of precious moments that place your wedding in an out of the ordinary category; young pageboys and bridesmaids performing like their elders while laughing and playing, your mum wiping a happy tear from her eye and dad feigning a cough as he fills up with pride and sadness when giving you away. Your video will not only capture the complete visual record of the day, but also the magical sounds; music, spoken vows, pealing of bells and the quietly spoken words shared between wedding guests.

With cleverness at the forefront, view the work of several wedding videographers and select one whose style will capture the mood you’ll be creating. Talk over in detail exactly what you want and ask for confirmed agreements in writing, with terms and conditions.

And finally, while you’re taking extra care to avoid booking an amateur, try to find someone with whom you get along with; a pleasant convivial character who displays an unproblematic acceptance of your ideas. With guests eager to take a snippet on their smartphone, ensure your wedding videographer accepts this as normal without setting rules on your guests filming too. It's a free world! The only rules to enforce should be those where there are restrictions at the ceremony, or getting in the way of your paid-for professional.

Choose someone with an avant-garde approach, technical expertise and a filming flair that’s up to the minute using highly developed equipment to boot. These are the reasons you pay for a wedding video to be filmed professionally, giving you confidence that appropriate and quality footage is what you'll be enjoying for many years to come.

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Wedding Videography