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Have you been picked to be your best friends bridesmaid, but haven't yet decided if it's a challenge or a privilege?

Well, here are a few tips to help you step up to your role and become a great help to the bride. After all, she is depending on you.

A bridesmaid can help the bride with many parts of the wedding planning, small and large. You may be given a very specific job depending on how the bride sees your talents, chosen because the bride knows you are good at organising or have ideas that spell success. Certainly, the maid of honour will be tasked to arrange the hen do, be in charge of getting all the ladies onboard and joining in, plus collecting in any monies due for attendance. This may also include short listing activities or best venues or locations to the bride for her to choose from. Ultimately the bride should not have to pay for her own hen party. It's usually all-expenses paid by all the ladies attending the do and shared equally between them for what would be the bride's costs.

Whatever a bridesmaid shows she's good at, may become a job for her. So if you are singled out for a specific job or task, it's because the bride knows she can leave it in your safe hands. This could be designing and arranging the decorations at the wedding, or choosing stationery, even getting signposts ordered to steer the guests in the right direction on the day. Or, you could simply be asked to be there with her to help her choose her wedding ensemble.

The maid of honour’s duties will include co-ordinating the day, getting everyone into their dresses and ready to show up beside the bride when she's ready to go. If there’s a large group to organise, especially where there are young maids or flower girls, you'll shine if you can ensure the bride is kept stress free from all the goings on.

Try to offer positive input at all times, and if issues arise that the bride must know about, address them calmly and as soon as possible.

As a bridesmaid, first ask the inevitable question about who will pay for the dresses, plus any extras such as accessories, hair and makeup. Traditionally the bride pays for what she wants the bridesmaids to have, but if the bridesmaids are being asked to pay for their dresses, they must have some input in the final decision.

Be prepared to help with any wedding planning tasks, doing it with a smile and willingly, because this is why you've been chosen - to help, not hinder. On the day, check the bride is drinking enough water and if she has eaten something. Try to save her from too many guests who want to wander in to say hello, so her beautiful reveal isn't spoiled by people who go on to tell others what she is wearing.

If mum is missing from the bride's occasion, you may be asked to sort out the RSVPs and co-ordinate with suppliers over guest menu choices and preferences, once the RSVP's come flooding in.

Flower Girls

It's customary to choose at least one young maid to sprinkle flower petals before the bride. Depending on how young she is, her mum should be in attendance right up to the last minute to give her reassurance, and rescue her if it all gets a little too much.

Last but not least, this is intended to be fun. It's your opportunity to shine and stand out for fulfilling your duties right to the end, bringing joy to the bride. You're also meant to be beautiful and serene too.

Maid of Honour