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Hire wedding table centrepieces with pizzazz

The centrepiece to your wedding table should take first prize in the wow factor stakes, but not be so ornate and commanding that it makes interaction with seated guests impossible. Consider the height and width against the amount of crockery, glassware, place cards and menus that have to have a place on the table.

But the world is your oyster, from the simple single flower stem in a crystal vase to the ornate candelabra, but keep your eye on the amount of table space you will have left when all dining settings are in place, so guests can feel at ease and not restricted. There can be nothing worse than having to make conversation around a great monster of a centrepiece, for, in some cases, a table of strangers having difficulty chatting or hearing conversations as they try to get to know the other guests.

When serving Champagne, serve in fabulous flutes because in anything less, even the most expensive bubbly will not taste ‘the biz.’

Favour boxes as gifts can dictate the table decoration and be quite sufficient to give the table lots of pizzazz, with a delicate rose bowl of flowers at the centre. The guest gift in the form of a favour, is made from the traditional almond variety in boxes or tulle sachets, chocolates or miniature mint dispensers, seed packets, picture frames, miniature perfume bottles, key rings, miniature playing cards or tea light candle holders. Remember that these are your personal gift to your guest, so be inventive and spend time choosing the most memorable and individual favour. Putting your personal stamp on the final choice will be time well spent.