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A vodka luge or ice luge is a piece of ice, carved into any shape required to make a ice luge sculpture

An ice sculpture for your wedding makes the perfect centre piece which can be used later in the day as a luge for alcoholic drinks.

When ordering your ice sculpture, you'll need to let them know that you will want the sculpture to finish its life as a luge. The ice block can be carved and cut in all types of shapes and designs, then carefully drilled so that shots of vodka or spirit can be poured through from the top, picking up the ice chill on its way, then ending its journey into a small pipeline, to be caught by glass or mouth at the exit point.

Of course, any alcoholic drink could replace vodka; it's a matter of personal choice. But it's fun and entertaining to watch and wait for the drink chosen to arrive at the bottom. A specialist ice sculpter can make the vodka's journey long and meandering, ensuring it's as icy cold as possible when it arrives in the glass.

Ice Sculptures For Weddings