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There's nothing like receiving an invitation to a wedding, that fills you with excitement. You've an outfit to buy, a gift to arrange and an urgent RSVP to complete.

As a guest, you'll want to observe the etiquette of a wedding guest, so here are a few things you might be asked to comply with:

  1. Get your RSVP back as soon as possible.
  2. If the invitation expresses no children included, respect it and don't try to sneak them in with the excuse, 'the baby sitter let us down last minute'.
  3. As far as possible, comply with the usual dress code of a wedding. You can love your jeans and 'Sex Pistols' shirt on any other day but this one.
  4. Don't drink too much or smuggle drinks in.
  5. Don't complain about the food or drinks provided no matter how close to the bridal party you are.
  6. Never rearrange the seating plan to suit yourself.
  7. Switch off your mobile phone throughout, and don't even think about checking your emails or Facebook account while the speeches are on.
  8. Ladies - don't wear white unless you know the bride is choosing to wear a bright colour.
  9. Avoid black unless it's a dress code request. Traditionally a black outfit or tie is considered a protest against the marriage. If black it must be, spice it up with a brilliant, brightly coloured accessory.
  10. Be prepared to have fun without upstaging the bride or groom.
  11. Observe all no smoking policies, parking restrictions and timings.
  12. Weddings are tightly scheduled and take time to complete, so keep smiling to the end.
  13. If your children are invited guests, keep a close eye on their behaviour especially in church.
  14. If confetti isn't allowed, don't break the rules.
  15. Sadly, some guests do help themselves to some of the decor, even Champagne buckets or floral decorations. Don't even go there!
  16. If for some reason you simply cannot make the formal part of the wedding or reception, don't just not attend. Let the bride's parent's know ASAP, and take your gift along at least.
  17. Be friendly with the other guests. No-one likes to see a party-pooper hugging the chair in the corner, looking as if they'd rather not be there.
  18. Have fun! You've been invited to a wedding for that very reason, to share a very happy occasion.
  19. Get up and dance. You will be glad you did.
  20. Finally - don't be late!