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Music is the mood-maker at any special event, but a wedding demands much more attention owing to several alternating themes during the course of the whole day.

At the wedding ceremony

There will be a selection of music played while your guests arrive, which should be pleasurable to all. From the moment the bride makes her appearance, the traditional processional music is played, but if you want to break with the norm, choose music that fits the style of venue and the mood you want to create. There are no rules except those you choose to make.

During a church ceremony

Hymns will naturally form the basis of congregational singing. But if you are planning a civil ceremony, your music and song choices will be strictly restricted to secular, non-religious forms and will need to be approved beforehand with your registrar.

Throughout the reception

Music styles will change dramatically, from those played when your guests are received by you, to live musicians playing while the meal takes place. When the evening begins, you should start with middle-of-the-road Pop that won’t offend anyone’s tastes, and stirs everyone up onto the dance floor to kick their heels and make it a real party. But there’s a more important choice to make. The most important dance of the day is your first dance together as a married couple and the music or song chosen has to be the most romantic piece ever. Most couples choose the song best associated with their first meeting, or memorable as the music being played when he proposed.

Musical moments to decide upon:

  • Prelude music suited to guest arrival at the ceremony
  • Processional music when the bride arrives; piped, organist or soprano
  • Hymns for the church or secular music for the civil ceremony
  • Recessional music when the happy couple leave the ceremony
  • Mood music at the reception meal i.e. strings players, a pianist or classical guitarist
  • First dance music, played or sung by a live singer or band
  • Evening entertainment music.
Wedding Ceremony Music
Wedding Reception Musicians