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A bride's tiara has to be the crowning glory of any ensemble chosen by a bride on her wedding day.

Whether you're fortunate in having an heirloom tiara made from real gemstones passed down to you from generations gone by, or choose a contemporary design piece made from rhinestones, Swarovski crystal, freshwater seed pearls or diamante crystal, a tiara will focus radiant attention on your face and hair styling.

The choice is endless from crowns, bands, combs or garlands, with two unlikely to look the same, especially when you add the hairstyle or hair colour you have decided upon. It's a defining statement piece of the personality of a bride and a compliment to the wedding dress chosen.

When visiting your hair stylist and choosing different hairstyles, it's a good idea to always take your tiara with you, even if it means coming home again with your tiara in place. A professional hair stylist will know how to sit your tiara, to get the best sparkle and photogenic outcome on those all important photography head shots.

As important, is to choose your bridal tiara or head piece at the same time as choosing the dress. The overall effect of your bridal tiara can be dramatically changed when you consider the decoration across the bodice, neckline or sleeves of your wedding dress, and whether you should choose to wear a necklace, or earrings. So if you've promised your grandmother or mum to wear her 'something borrowed' as a piece of jewellery, you'll need to take all this into account when choosing your tiara.

Never forsake comfort for style, as any headdress or tiara has to grip to stay in place. One too tight will irritate your scalp through the whole day. One too loose will cause the same anxiety, as you constantly try to adjust it to stay on.


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