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Find wedding marquee companies for hire

There’s something wonderfully English about a beautifully decorated marquee, especially on a wonderful summer day, although with super-efficient heaters marquees are also used for winter weddings.

Marquee companies specialising in outdoor or woodland setting weddings offer a total decoration service, often with gorgeous extras like mirror walls, specialist lighting, chandeliers, decorative star cloths, bales of straw to sit on around gas or log burners. Yes, you sit under the stars inside or outside your wedding marquee observing all that the outdoors and natural environment offers.

Anyone with a large garden or small field can have their reception in a marquee at home. Among the advantages are the total freedom to decorate it how you will and to party way into the night and even the next morning. Some marquee companies supply the whole package, including flooring, tables, chairs, portaloos, decoration, catering, etc. It’s up to you how much or how little you ask them to do: if you’ve only got a small number of guests you might be planning catering à la mum, or you might want to use a specialist outside caterer, with many extra hands.

If you want to go it alone, in a decorative sense, a marquee style wedding is a blank canvas giving you the opportunity to give full rein to your creativity, either with or without the help of a professional venue decorator.

A marquee reception does require some contingency plans for bad weather, such as a bucket of umbrellas and a covered walkway to the house if it’s close by. If you ask your guests to park in a field and it rains heavily you could need the services of a tractor to help get them out, so a chat with a local farmer’s a good idea.

If you hire a wedding marquee within the grounds of a local venue, all your food and drinks can be prepared for you on site. Otherwise, you can arrange outside catering companies through your marquee hire or go it alone, bringing in the food and drink specialist of your choice.

And if you do plan to party on until dawn and beyond, either invite the neighbours so that they’re part of the fun, or grovel and apologise accordingly beforehand for any noise, with a bottle of wine and pizza delivery.

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