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Find wedding bomboniere or wedding favour companies

Giving a favour to each wedding guest is a delightful way to say thank you. Favours or bombonieres come in pretty and highly decorative packaging.

The range is immense, whether it be a cute little paper box, sachet, tin or glass jar, it can contain anything from the traditional five sugared almonds, to chocolates, mints, jelly beans, fudge, seed packets, aromatherapy oils, scented candles, CD’s, even miniature perfumes for him and her. If you want to go further, you could have trinkets such as key fobs, bottle openers, frothy coffee stencils, cake or doughnuts, all personalised with your wedding details, or photographs. For spreading the wealth significance, pop in a lottery ticket or scratch card for every guest. This can often be cheaper than all the other options, being an all round winner and great ice-breaker.

Sugared almond fillers still remain a firm favourite, mostly due to the significance of each almond: health, wealth, fertility, happiness and long life.