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It's a big day for you too, and everyone expects you to be at your best. Unless it's a leap year, you've asked your partner to marry you and she said, "yes". Now that your wedding is really going to take place, you need to be familiar with the duties expected of you and how you need to 'brush up' and look knock out smart for the bride and your pals.

Usually the adult males in the wedding party (groom, best man, ushers, brothers, fathers) dress alike. Sometimes the groom will choose something different that separates him from the crowd and makes him easily identifiable. It may be something as subtle as the pattern on the waistcoat, or a more obvious difference, such as black morning suit instead of grey. If you’re going for the co-ordinated look, group all the guys together for a visit to the outfitter, where you’ll each be fitted properly and therefore comfortable on the day. Remember it can be a long, hot day and even the roughest, toughest of men can do without tight shirts, trousers or jackets causing chafing in places where you can’t scratch.

Buy or hire, it's up to you. But if you can make good use of a suit for business, maybe it's your time to buy one outright and make if last.

If hiring, don’t leave it till the last minute to organise your suits. You’ll need at least three months, probably more, so that there’s time for alterations. Don’t go mad and try to get it all done before the bride’s got her dress under control. Girls have been known to change their mind (yes, it’s true!) when it comes to the wedding gown, so it would be a complete disaster if you get everything set up and she changes her mind about colours or even the whole theme. If the wedding is in summer, outfitters will be at their busiest time, so plan for suit availability, and then you won’t be disappointed.

To be properly suited and booted, you'll be looking at being smart from top to toe, either wearing a typical slim fitting suit, loose neckline or buttoned down collar with or without a tie. Don't neglect the footwear, remembering to think about comfort as well as smart looks. This is a day when sitting down will come as a premium, so be mindful about how many hours you'll be on your feet.

‘The men in the wedding party wear their buttonholes in their left lapel pointing upwards’

It’s likely that the choice of flower in the buttonhole will be linked to the bride’s bouquet. But if by any chance it’s left to you, try not to choose carnations. There’s really nothing wrong with them, but they are just a bit of a yawn.

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