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Everyone knows that most men, no matter how thrilled you are to be getting married, would rather be a passenger in Mr Bean’s mini than have to make countless decisions about stationery, cakes and colours, whether to have a string quartet or pianist, or if the bridesmaids should wear short or long.

You’re also pretty much aware that the bride will be the centre of attention for most of the day – that’s just the way it is and you’re happy for it to be so.

You will, though, be sharing that stage with her and should at least be involved in the discussions about what you will be wearing. The groom’s outfit is of course, dictated in some measure by the bride’s outfit, the style of the wedding and the colour scheme, but you need to decide together, whether the men in the bridal party will be wearing morning suit, dinner jacket, or a lounge suit. And then there will be the shirts, cravats or ties, shiny shoes or polished and buttonholes. You’ll also want to throw in your ideas if you want to keep it simple with just a waistcoat and open collar, light or dark trousers. And for the really casual beach wedding, whether to wear socks or even shoes at all. Other options open are military uniform, Highland dress or white tuxedo.

It’s usually more practical to hire a morning suit than buy (and remember, grooms pay the best man’s hire costs as well), but it could be more cost-effective to buy if your group of friends are also heading to the altar in the next few years. You’re bound to get plenty of wear from a dinner jacket or designer suit so it’s worth having those tailored for you. Ties, cravats and cummerbunds will all depend on the bride’s choice of colours, as will the buttonholes.

Once you’ve made your vows, diced the cake, danced her off her feet and you’re finally on the way to your honeymoon, you’ll probably find your bride has a suitcase packed with sexy lingerie, purchased in your honour. It would be great if you returned the favour. Ditch those baggy Y-fronts, Bart Simpson’s or your lucky Union Jack shorts and make sure you’ve got something really sexy too (which usually doesn’t mean thongs).

Any finally, if during the planning you find yourself itching to contribute with some of your best ideas, then speak up. It has been known for grooms-to-be, to be left out in the cold, becoming the uninvited to many a wedding consultation, being considered to having nothing useful to contribute. Don’t be steam rolled by well-meaning relatives. If it means being at all the wedding fayres your bride wants to attend, this will be the price to pay for being in on every last detail.

‘We live in liberated times, so have your say, take your part, and share the work’

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