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Pets as guests at your wedding

A pet lives with you every day of your life with some considered to be your very own fur babies. To many, it seems unthinkable that they will be excluded on your wedding day.

Whether your pet pooch is dressed in a doggie tuxedo, decorated with a flower garland, or has the position of guest of honor and ring bearer, make sure you consider the stresses placed on them, by having a back-up pet chaperone to help out when it all gets too much.

Before giving your pet a starring role in the wedding ceremony, here are some things to think about:

  • Will it be an enjoyable experience for him. If in any doubt - don't.
  • Will your pet feel comfortable around your guests and will they be comfortable around him.
  • Is he obedient and well behaved and doesn't get too excited when lots of attention is paid to him.
  • Will the journey to the wedding be stressful and will he/she put up with the frills and dressing up you have in mind.
  • Only when you're 100% sure your pets won't turn into pests, include them at your wedding.

Even with the best behaved pet under normal circumstances, there's no guarantee they'll behave exactly how you want them to on the day of the wedding. Even the most gentle and friendly pet can be overwhelmed by crowds, heat and exhaustion, bought on by a lack of adequate quiet time and space to rest, according to NAPPS (National Association Of Professional Pet Sitters).

But if nothing can prevent you from including your pet in your special day, then a pet chaperone is the perfect solution, for you and them. A pet chaperone will keep a watchful eye on how much stress your pet is undergoing and rescue them quickly. They will ensure there's plenty of attention being given, but not too much, being able to whisk them away at intervals during the day to give them fresh water, the correct food, plus enough quiet time to lie down quietly and take a nap.

If you or any of your guests need to bring their guide dog, it may be worth having a pet chaperone on hand anyway, to take care of the guide dog for short spells, easing both the stress on you and the animal.

Always check with your marriage and reception venue regarding their policy on dogs, cats and horses being included. Whilst all have all been most welcome at weddings, you may have to draw the line at pigs, sheep and goats, or donkeys - but check first. Who knows, your celebrant or wedding coordinator may be an extreme animal lover just like you, and even push the boundaries to let you include any animal kind within reason, even your pet chimp!

Pets as Wedding Guests