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Find Starlight Backdrops for your wedding

As part of your venue dressing package, you’ll find wedding wedding venue decorators hiring out white, ivory or black chiffon backdrops, offset with fibre optic lights, that make the perfect complement for the top table area and the party in the evening.

Starlight backdrops are great for covering a multitude of decor sins, from dull or weary wallpaper to windows without attractive views. When wide but plain areas are often chosen as the position for the top table, it makes the ideal place to fit a starlight backdrop, blotting out any uninviting point of focus. The transformation continues after sunset, when the backdrop lighting will intensify to continue that romantic theme throughout the evening, creating a lovely neutral atmosphere for partying and dancing.

Continue the sparkling tones by adding an LED Dance Floor with Lighting; not forgetting the iconic glitterball spinning from the ceiling, to complete all elements of your starlight party theme.

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