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Find Catering and Bar Facilities For Weddings

Food is a very important part of your wedding celebration

For weddings of all creeds, food is a hugely important part of the celebration. Your venue must be able to cope with all dietary needs and produce memorable food.

There’s a chance that in the excitement of the day you won’t remember much about the goodies on your plate, but your guests will. It doesn’t have to be super fancy but it must be good and plenty of it.

Before you sign on the dotted line when choosing a venue, either have a meal there incognito, or ask to taste the menu offered. The same applies if you’re bringing in your own caterer.

Budget and the style of wedding will influence whether you choose a buffet or a formal seated reception. A fork or finger buffet will cost less than a seated meal, which needs higher numbers of staff. Before you get a quote, compile a rough idea of numbers that you will be catering for. You'll need to arrange enough seating for at least half the guests to sit down, while the rest can be standing and chatting in groups whilst they eat.

Fish and chip suppers, mini burgers, hog roasts, even pizza ovens are all food dimensions proving to be a very popular type of alfresco dining alternative with the modern couple, who want to mingle with their wedding guests while they eat.

Pay Bars are perfectly acceptable these days

Don't be afraid to arrange a pay bar too. It's customary to provide the drinks used in the toasts and a bottle or two of spirits behind the bar. With the majority of people choosing either a Prosecco or sparkling wine to drink, stock up on bottles they can buy for their group to share.

If it's cocktails that are the order of the day, you'll find expert mixers to hire who'll charge each guest per drink ordered. This is a sure winner with your wedding guests as the entertainment they provide becomes a floor show for everyone's enjoyment.

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