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Find Mother of the Bride and Groom outfits

Mother of the Bride and Groom

Your daughter or son is getting married. It’s the most important day of his or her life – and also of yours. While all eyes will naturally be on the beautiful bride, they will also be scrutinising you, and so you will want to look your very best on this special occasion. Mother of the bride and groom outfits need to be planned perfectly from start to finish because of wedding day etiquette demands, and because you want to step out in a dress that complements the wedding party – and makes you feel and look fabulous.

Follow these five tips to achieve subtle sophistication on your daughter’s wedding day and avoid any potential clothing clashes or wardrobe malfunctions.

Both mums should agree on dress buying protocol
Wedding day etiquette suggests that the mother of the bride buys her outfit before the mother of the groom. That seem a little old-fashioned and you may want to change that protocol, but do discuss what you’re hoping to wear with both your daughter and her prospective mother-in-law. Be courteous and open to any suggestions. And remember this – this wedding day is not a competition between the two of you as to who appears in the most glamorous, most expensive or most stylish get-up. It's about dressing your best, appropriately complimenting the bride and groom - but being memorable for looking lovely. Both mums should discuss colours and styles so you don’t clash, and be flexible when you can.

Stick to the bride’s colour scheme
Generally it’s always been frowned upon for female guests to wear white or cream to a wedding so as not to take any attention away from the bride. Again, that might be considered a rather out-of-date idea, but this is your daughter’s big day and she might have firm ideas about a colour scheme or, at least ensuring your outfit doesn’t clash with those of her bridesmaids. Whatever guide the bride gives as to colour scheme and style, accept it with grace because behind it all, she wants you to shine, look fabulous and have the most wonderful day.

Start looking for outfit ideas as soon as possible
The more notice you have of the big day, the better. If you’re not having a bespoke outfit created for you, you need to do your homework early – browse bridal magazines and online retailers for fashion ideas that will suit your figure and your own style. Set aside some decent time to go and look for mother of the bride outfits, and do take along a trusted friend to get some honest advice on anything you are tempted by. Have your hair done, find time for lunch. Make a real day of it.

Decide on a style that suits
It may seem obvious to suggest you only buy an outfit that suits you, but many mothers of the bride feel pressured into wearing a particular style that does them no favours. For instance, if you really do not suit a hat, talk to your daughter about whether she really wants you to feel uncomfortable for the whole day. And, remember your shoes. There is no point wearing your 4 inch heels if you're not used to them, meaning you have to sit down most of the day because your feet hurt.

Choose an outfit that’s appropriate
Style and sophistication are the most important attributes for your outfit on your son or daughter’s wedding day. Sexy and low cut may work on certain occasions, but are never appropriate on a wedding day. Potentially upstaging the bride is a wedding day no-no. So aim for elegance and finesse – achieve that and you will be wearing an outfit that will live long in the memory.

MUM'S THE WORD For Another Special Lady

Lucky brides and grooms will be seeing their grandmothers at their wedding too, making them a very special guest. These lovely ladies have much to give and are the living reason why you are here at all. When it comes to their outfits, make sure you include them in your shopping trips too or better still, set a day aside to concentrate on their purchase and theirs alone, whether it be a trip to the shops or looking online to get some ideas that work. Maybe, a look around their existing wardrobe will uncover a lovely yet hardly worn outfit, that just needs some new accessories to set it off perfectly. Share your time for helping with the right colours and styles, even whether a hat is a must or a no-no. Most of all, reassure them that their choice in outfit is well chosen.

Last of all, don't forget to let the grandmothers know how beautiful they look. No lady - young or older, likes it when after making a very special effort getting dressed and adding make-up, went unnoticed for her efforts.

Mother of The Bride and Groom
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