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Pre wedding boudoir photos, makeover photo shoots and boudoir photography is often a perfect pre-requisite gift item for a bride-to-be to present to her groom - a permanent reminder of you as a gorgeous 'prize' in the days before marriage.

It's a service most popular not only with brides to be, but couples together, even guys on their own, or those not even planning a wedding but just wanting a pictorial memory of just how one looked at their perfect best.

Boudoir bridal photo shoots in studio, will allow you to be dressed or undressed to your own choosing and even completely naked, while using photography techniques to bring out your best features using mood lighting, shadows and photoshop enhancements. But studios aren't where it all stops. Go all out with glamour shots draped over a McLaren F1 in your favourite colour, in a field of corn, atop of a rocky outcrop or on the beach. Even scantily dressed in a back-arched pose in front of a window with the New York skyline in the background. The choices are endless with location only dependent upon you and what most depicts your style and personality or who you are as your make believe self.

From the perspective of the pre wedding shoot, it's an opportunity for you, or you and your partner, to experience the glitz and glamour of a stylish, professional pre wedding photo shoot of the kind that you would expect from high end, glamorous magazines and modeling agencies, displayed as portraits or spectacular wall hangings.

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