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Are you thinking about hiring a bouncy castle or inflatable for your wedding?

Maybe your first thought was to arrange something fun to keep the kids occupied. If so, you may have to give some thought to how big the kids are going to be! Rarely when a bouncy castle is set up to entertain, can the average adult wedding guest resist the chance to kick off their shoes and jump right in. In fact, the fun really begins when the big boys and girls take over. Try and keep them off at your peril, because this is a sure way to make a big boy cry.

Bouncy castles come in all shapes and sizes, with designs varying from the usual fairytale castle, to pirate ships complete with rigging for climbing, others as housing for a rodeo bull or surf simulators, to helter skelter slides or basket ball shoots. Even 3D Jungle Play and Disco Domes, to romantic white wedding chapel, widen your choices even further.

Choosing a bouncy castle or inflatable for your wedding entertainment, just became more than a simple choice. But here's our checklist to help you decide:

  • The scale or the size of your bouncy castle or inflatable will depend on whether it is restricted to use by the younger guests only.
  • If adult guests are allowed to join in, how many will there be?
  • You will need to bear in mind the space and surface area that the castle or inflatable takes up before making a final choice.
  • Consider the need for supervision in line with safety.
  • Can the inflatable be used in wet weather?
  • Is the inflatable to become a focal point during the day or the evening. If it's evening, you'll need to think about lighting.
  • Is vehicle access required to get the inflatable delivered?
  • Is there adequate insurance cover with the supplier, or will you need to arrange your own?
  • Finally, have a first aid box on hand with the usual plasters as there are sure to be a few knocked knees and chins.

When you've ticked all the boxes, go ahead and have a wonderful fun time.


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