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Need Something More Specific In Hen and Stag Celebrations?

It’s the chief bridesmaid’s job to organise the hen party with the best man stepping up for the groom.

For the hens, it can be anything from a pyjama party with a big box of chocs, a few bottles of champagne and a blockbuster movie, to a full-blown week away under the tropical sun or skiing in the French Alps. A hen party is a great excuse for a party with all your favourite girls, both friends and family where you can be yourself and soak up the love. Whoever does end up doing the planning should have some idea of what it’s all going to cost, and who’s paying. Normally everybody chips in in equal shares: if it’s a week or weekend away, the bride-to-be will be expected to pay for herself, but for a single-night party her friends might put together and cover her costs.

If the plan involves considerable expenditure, the organiser should get everyone’s money up-front and hand out the individual tickets. That way, if somebody doesn’t show up, it won’t involve others picking up the tab. Similarly if someone turns up late, the whole party doesn’t have to be delayed and the treat ruined. It’s generally not a great idea to just turn up in a foreign city (though quite exciting in theory) and hope you’ll find accommodation for a large group. It’s the way to get ripped off or, worse, find yourself with nowhere to sleep in a strange city.

For the stag party, something tame or sedate just doesn't cut the mustard. These can often be raucous events, involving several elements with plenty of thrills and activity during the day such as rafting, canyoning, kayaking, paintballing, mountain biking, footie or tickets to a monumental sporting event, moving onto an evening involving a good deal of food and drink. The same rules apply regarding payment where the guys will chip in for the stag and cover his costs, except if it's an extended event involving pricey trips abroad.

Make sure your hen or stag do doesn't spoil your wedding day, by avoiding anything the night before. Book something to take place at least a week in advance if not more, so you can let your hair down without fear of the consequences of showing up with a hangover, when meeting your future mother in law on the church steps.

Wedding Hen and Stag Party Event Organisers

For a fail safe option, choose a professional hen and stag party management company to organise your event, to include all collections of monies, tickets and booking, ticking boxes to ensure you have everything you've paid for, even being available to chaperone, do the driving, call a halt to any excesses and keep everyone safe throughout.

These arranged events rarely come out at budget prices, but the benefits far outweigh the cost when you can leave all the headaches to a professional. All you have to do is enjoy!

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