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Even the word lingerie evokes thoughts of soft, sensual, intimate moments.

When we girls think of lingerie, we think feminine chic, a sense of excitement, the dreamy promise of luxury and an opportunity to turn on the charm with seduction. Lingerie isn’t the dull collection of everyday underwear. Bridget Jones pants may do the job for most of the time, but when that ‘first’ night’ with your partner looms, significant effort on your part is a must.

Living up to all the expectations of being a dream lover, means splashing out on fitted lingerie for under the wedding gown. Buy lingerie in preparation for the shape of the neckline, underneath the sleeves and down the back.

Before you even think of buying the wedding dress, you must first plan the bra and pants or basque, that you will be wearing underneath. Also, you must take into account wedding suspenders, because on any slinky dress that's tight fitting over the hips, your suspender buttons will show through.

Take your chosen wedding day bra and pants, basque and or suspenders with you when trying on the gown, to make sure no straps, buttons or panty lines are visible. Remember to check if your gown comes with underskirts as some skirts are stiffened with fabric that’s likely to snag your stockings. And when it comes to choosing hosiery, throw out any idea of wearing tights. This is the one time that only luxurious silk stockings with the lacy tops will do for you. This day is special and doesn't come to an end until the big reveal on your wedding night.

When the moon rises over your honeymoon destination, fabulous frillies, plunge bras and negligees just have to be on the list of ‘must-haves’ in your suitcase. And while you’re planning your heavenly honeymoon, make sure you’ve packed a little something for your guy, such as Calvin Klein Pro-Stretch trunks or Clarins Fatigue Fighter, which will give an instant boost to tired, or stressed skin... and boy oh boy, he looks good too!

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