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Find wedding co-ordinators to ease the pressure of planning your wedding

Wedding Co-ordinators and Planners

It won’t come as a surprise to many, that planning a wedding isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. It’s time consuming, often stressful and involves intense management. If you’re one of the many who dreads the pressure it will have on you and your relationships, or simply don’t fancy doing it all yourself, wedding co-ordinators are available to give you a helping hand.

They’ll take over just a part or as much of the planning as you say. As professionals, they’re experienced in arranging and coordinating large events, small intimate parties and discretion is part of their forte. Most will have sound negotiation skills and far-reaching supplier contacts that will surprise even the most influential organizer.

Many wedding planners will give reassurance that their expertise saves not just time and stress, but money too. If you’ve pre-set a budget, they’ll certainly help you stay within it – something that the majority of couples find difficult, at best. Thanks to their confident people skills, they can often achieve preferential rates when buying wedding services, which are far better than you could get single-handed. These savings are invariably passed back to you making employing their services a sound economic move.

Wedding planners operate either on a flat-fee basis, at an hourly rate, or at a percentage of the total wedding cost. If you choose to employ a wedding co-ordinator to take over part of the planning; perhaps to find suitable venues shortlisted for you to choose from, this alone can save you hours of plodding. Or your personal wedding planner can arrange the entire event, from invitations to the honeymoon, leaving you free to concentrate on your life, work and having fun. If this sounds too invasive, you could pass over your supplier list at about 6 weeks before the wedding, for all checks, final meetings and last-minute instructions to be carried out for you.

It won’t mean you lose control of your wedding either because a true professional will consult with you at every step, with you always holding the ultimate power of veto.

Wedding Planners