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The Wedding Toastmaster

It would be nice to think that after all the planning, the wedding day itself would just roll along without a hitch, each participant being where they should be at the right time, and each stage of the proceedings leading seamlessly to the next. It doesn’t quite happen like that, which is why most weddings require someone to co-ordinate and direct proceedings, announcing each different stage of the reception and making sure that everybody’s in the right place at the right time.

Enter, the toastmaster, or master of ceremonies. Usually wearing a scarlet coat and looking rather dapper, the toastmaster (male or female) is often ex-military and knows how to make any event run like clockwork. Your toastmaster will announce each guest at the receiving line, announce the meal, help people to find their seats, announce each speaker and the cake-cutting ceremony, and generally hover, making sure everything runs according to plan both in the room and behind the scenes. This could also involve ushering guests from one room to another when the meal is over and preparation needs to be made for the evening event, and even having a word in the ear of anybody who becomes over boisterous and a little naughty (hey, it happens at even the best weddings). Running an event meticulously is just one of the wedding toastmaster’s skills. They also add a splash of pomp and circumstance. It’s like having your own Jeeves on hand to iron out all the creases - even before they happen.

Some reception venues automatically provide a staff member who will perform the duties of a toastmaster. If not, and your budget doesn’t quite run to hiring a professional, you could delegate the task to a friend (the best man is one option, but he’s probably rather busy and you don’t want to distract him from his speech) or perhaps a family member comfortable with public speaking. Don't leave it all to mum and dad either. This day is important for them too - one they've been waiting for, for a long time. Let them enjoy every moment with you.

Choosing to hire a professional wedding toastmaster means that you and all members of your wedding party can relax completely, leaving all the arranging and clock-watching to someone else. You’ve done your bit after all, by planning the whole thing, and you deserve to be able to relax and enjoy yourself as your big day unfolds.

Some of the duties you can leave to your wedding toastmaster:

First of all, start making a list of things you would like your wedding toastmaster to do for you.

  • Liaise with your Banqueting or Catering Manager before you arrive, making sure everything is in place.
  • Direct with and co-ordinate the catering team, photographer, video operator, entertainers and DJ. These groups alone can add up to 10 or more people who all want to run the show; do their thing their way, and you will want someone to keep a tight control here.
  • Organise the receiving line and announce guests.
  • Announce or say, Grace.
  • Assist the photographer in gathering groups together.
  • Direct the speeches and in some cases, even write a speech.
  • Deal with noisy or boisterous children (and some grown-ups too).
  • Declare that the party or cake cutting ceremony is about to begin.
  • Keep a watch on guests flouting any smoking restrictions, promote the safety rules for younger children i.e. waterways, staircases or roads near the gardens.
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