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The Professional DJ/Disco At Your Wedding

All weddings should have wedding music that encourages guests to dance, finishing off the reception with a real party atmosphere.

With so many genres of music and diverse ages amongst your wedding guests, make sure your DJ understands weddings, even more than you do. You won't want one that chooses to play only his own music favourites, sending all the older guests outside to seek refuge from the noise.

  • A good DJ can be more versatile than a live band or a singer as they can offer all types of music to cater for a wide range of tastes amongst your guests. You should also discuss your requirements and likes with your chosen DJ beforehand.
  • Make sure you have a written contract/confirmation of the booking for your special day
  • The details should confirm date, price, venue, paying times, setup times and finish times. Make sure you see and read their terms and conditions.
  • A professional DJ should have Public Liability Insurance. Always ask for this, it is required by law.
  • Also remember that most hotels/venues ask for P.A.T. equipment certificates to meet health and safety regulations. Any DJ without these should be avoided.
  • Ask if your venue has a resident as this should allow you to keep costs down.
  • Where venues and hotels do offer a resident DJ make sure that you meet with the DJ to discuss your preferences before you sign any contracts with the venue or make any payment. If the entertainment package doesn't suit you and your needs, you may need to look elsewhere for a venue.
  • Ask as many questions as possible before you book, even asking to pop in on a gig of theirs to hear and see for yourself the type of service on offer.
  • As well as contracts and discussing musical tastes and so on, make sure you ask for references or recommendations. Remember, most good DJ's will come recommended, because they are good.
  • Apart from great music, ask if you can hire spot lighting, backdrops (not just the usual glitterball) and an LED dance floor as part of the whole package.
Wedding Music