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Gifts or Cash - either is a perfect choice

Choosing the wedding gift can sometimes be a daunting decision, mainly because many couples these days, start married life from an already complete, ready-made home. Buying a gift is made much easier if the couple arrange a professional wedding gift list with a high street supplier or store, making it a simple choice for a guest to buy online, from a list of items already specially chosen.

Cash gifts are an understated yet perfect solution, but this too can create a dilemma for you if you are unsure how much to give, or if you feel it might make you look ungenerous with your amount. However, if this is the option the couple would prefer, but you can't decide how much to give, it makes sense to think about what you might have chosen as a tangible gift, assess the value you would have spent on this, then make that the cash gift amount you send.

From the couple's perspective, some feel that arranging a specialist gift list is somehow pushy. Not so! Registering your gift list, beats hands down getting three toasters, four electric kettles and a zillion wine glasses. It steers your guests into making a good decision on buying something that you have chosen personally, picked out the colour or pattern and only want to receive one of them. Guests will be reassured that they are buying the gift that will be truly appreciated by you and always remember who sent it. All round, everyone is a winner.

Where you have asked for cash, it's highly likely that your invited guest will see it as a sensible solution to help you pay for a honeymoon, replace some large expensive items, such as white goods or furniture - even a replacement kitchen, bathroom or carpets throughout. You may even prefer to use cash to repay some of those over-loaded credit or maxed-out store cards that were so handy throughout your wedding planning.

Either the gift or cash solution is perfectly acceptable, so make your choice and put the plan into action. It's a good idea to include this on your wedding invitation, ensuring your guests are aware of what you would like the most. If you have registered with a gift list service, detail how to use it for your guest, showing the website and any passwords needed. If it's cash, arrange a wishing well or post box at your wedding that is safe and secure, for guests to post their cash gift and cards to you on the day of your wedding.

If your guests are bringing gifts, you will need to arrange a safe and secure room or location at the wedding venue to store these, plus someone to collect them for you on the day after the wedding.

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