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Find Wedding Guest Book Messaging Ideas

The wedding guest book can come in a variety of forms such as the formal bound book and pen you leave on a table, a photo guest book you arrange professionally, video messaging, social media posting, or a simple notice board for guests to write and pin you a sticky note.

If you're going to settle for the sticky note solution, decorate a large cork board, arrange several blocks of colourful post-it notes, plus lots of pins and pens in all colours. For very little extra expense, you could even go one step further and have personalised pens with your wedding details embossed on, for guests to use then take home with them as a keepsake.

With all the hustle and bustle of the day's activities, especially if you have over a hundred guests attending, means a very busy time for you and not enough time for a guest to speak with you individually. Using either a photo guestbook, or arranging a way for your guests to leave a personal message meant just for you, means they can write the words and express the feelings that may otherwise go unsaid. In your own time after the day, you both can read or view the messages, knowing that a lovely time was had by all, feeling all the love your guests felt for you both.

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