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Perhaps the most important wedding song will be the one chosen for your first dance

It will be chosen because it reflects the feelings you have for one another; possibly the song that was playing when you first met.

The importance of your first dance wedding song should not be an after thought, but neither should it be a stressful decision for a bride or groom. Instead, choosing a first dance wedding song that you both love should come naturally to you both. Perhaps both write a list of your favourites and choose the one that causes the most emotion. Then you'll know it's the right choice.

The first dance is also the time to start the dancing, with guests leaving the floor clear for the couple to dance alone for a few minutes. Traditionally, it's a close together dance where couples whisper sweet nothings to one another, having the chance to say,"I love you"

If either of you are unfamiliar with a slow dance; being more likely to have experience of strutting their stuff at the disco, consider going together to dance classes for a brush-up on how to do it properly and in step.

Other first dance routines may be a staged performance of the couples' all time favourite dance video or film clip, even allowing the best men and bridesmaids to take a part. It could be a Dirty Dancing routine, a Michael Jackson classic or the Belle and Beast Disney dance, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers compilation or Swing Time clip.

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