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Need Something More Specific In Wedding Beauty Specialists?

Check out your local beauty therapists to help make you look fantastic on your wedding day

For perfection, brides and grooms need to be good on the inside to look their best on the outside. Take care of what you consume at least 5 months before the Big Day, by cutting down on caffeine, fatty foods and empty calories. Fix your mind on taking in at least two litres of plain water, not including hot drinks or soda drinks each day, ending with plain water before you go to sleep. When you've kept to this hydration programme, it's time to check out your specialist wedding hair and make-up artist, and begin trials to find the best make-up for a wedding day.

Your usual make-up probably won't do the job, especially when you take into account the hours your make-up needs to look great, plus changes in the lighting throughout the day too. A specialist wedding hair and make-up artist will understand the photogenic demands of the camera in all kinds of lighting and the impact of make-up when surrounded by lots of white or ivory from the wedding gown.

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