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Need Something More Specific In Vintage Wedding Decor Ideas?

Vintage style wedding ideas

The Vintage inspired wedding is perfect for those that want to kick out the traditional wedding of booking a hotel room or banqueting suite and being forced into having a wedding reception, looking the same as every other wedding taking place that day, or the 365 days before. Choosing a Vintage theme gives you a license to do it your way and go for a completely unique or individual theme; adding touches and differences throughout the day in what you wear, how you plan the wedding food, and even the party or games afterwards.

Whether you're going all out for Vintage Grandeur, a Great Gatsby do, or just a few retro inspired props around your wedding day, means you have a wedding that can't be replicated by any other. Vintage means letting go of the DJ and replacing with a squeeze box player, string quartet, country singers or honky-tonk piano, even a barn dance around straw bales. Vintage inspired is all about retro and choosing a wedding theme that wouldn't look out of place in the 1930's.

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