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Well, well, well…

…so here I am, delving into the world of blogging... I used to see the word #blog and thought it was such a nerdy thing to be involved with, however, feeling like my dad, I'm so out of touch with things and so as I have finally succumbed to the world of total self employment as a wedding photographer, so – here goes!!!
So where do i start ?

#WorldDomination is going to be a far fetched aspiration, so i will start a bit low-key... hoping to get the 11 houses in my street on my side... then begins the web to take over the world. Not likely but off we go...

So, I do not wish to peak too early, but this is a brief intro to my first blog and hoping that my English teacher Mr. Alcock would be proud of my spelling and grammar (probably from the grave) so far… hopefully more to follow soon. the meantime, if you are looking for a #wedding photographer – feel free to have a butchers around my website or go and “Like” my Facebook page via my profile (link above)… god knows what I do now??… I see a “save" button in bright green... I guess I should press that???

…follow your dreams, back soon.